The best deserts of Iran

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The deserts of Iran are located in the central provinces and to visit them you must have a long but enjoyable journey. In order to be able to choose one of the best deserts in Iran for your new trip, in the following, we will introduce the most popular deserts from the perspective of Iranian and foreign tourists.

Egypt desert

The Egyptian Desert is located 55 km from the Khor and Biyabank area of ​​Isfahan, 45 km from the city of Jandagh in the province of Egypt, and is one of the main destinations for desert travelers from all over Iran.

This beautiful desert is surrounded by the mountains of the Iranian plateau from the southwest and east as well as from the west.

The story of the village's naming goes back to years ago, when a shepherd named Yousef dug a well in the area to access groundwater, but after a while the groundwater level dropped and access to water was not possible.

For this reason, Yusuf used equipment to deepen the well, and from then on, the residents of the neighboring village called this village, Chah Daraz village. But Yusuf and other people did not like this name and at the suggestion of Yusuf and according to Prophet Yusuf and Chah, they named this village Egypt.

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Beautiful sand dunes, easy access to the village of Egypt and the provision of many tourist facilities, has made Egypt as one of the best deserts in Iran a destination for many tourists. Therefore, the occupation of many Egyptians in certain seasons of the year is to provide accommodation and services to tourists, and in other seasons of the year, they engage in agriculture and animal husbandry. Among the products of this region, we can mention wheat and saffron. Camels, goats and turkeys are among the animals raised in the Egyptian countryside.

Egyptian desert entertainment

The starry sky and the strange silence of the desert are not the only attractions, and you can experience many exciting pastimes in the Egyptian desert. These include the following:

Sand riding

This entertainment will not cost you anything and it is enough to have a board with you. It is an indescribable pleasure to come down quickly from the top of a sandpit and scatter the sand around.

Ride off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicles are built for rough and rough roads, so if you want to roll sandbags one after another, the Off-road vehicle will be the best choice. The good thing about this hobby is the easy control of the device and the protection from direct sunlight. Off-road riding is also called a safari, and the cost will usually be calculated based on the number of people.

Riding with four-wheeled engines

Due to the fact that the sands of the desert are very flowing, so you can not walk the sands with any vehicle. Just as you use four-wheeled motorcycles for an exciting ride on the Caspian Sea coast, this device is also great for riding in the desert. The wheels are large and it is not possible to get stuck between hot sands due to their light weight. Riding with four-wheeled motorcycles is calculated in minutes and you have to pay a certain amount for every 10 minutes of riding Best IranTours By Types.

riding camel

One of the pastimes that has made the Egyptian desert one of the best deserts in Iran is camel riding. Given that the village of Egypt is a breeding ground for camels, so it is a good opportunity to spend hours of the day riding camels with your friends. Of course, do not forget that you have to pay a small fee for this attractive and fresh entertainment.

If you are a fan of special recreations such as desert climbing, Chabahar is definitely a special destination for you. In this article, we have introduced the most famous beaches of Chabahar, which is a strange combination of desert and sea.

Tourist attractions around the Egyptian desert

Although you have traveled to see the desert of Egypt, it is not without grace to see the tourist attractions around the desert. Among the attractions around the Egyptian desert, the following can be mentioned.

Salt Lake

Garmeh village

The village of the bride

Mohammadabad village, Kareh Gaz

Selkenun Salt Lake

Abbasid Throne

The castle is white

Egyptian desert address

Isfahan province, 55 km from Khor and 45 km from Jandagh city, Egypt village, Egyptian desert

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Matin Abad Desert

Matin Abad desert is located in Isfahan province, 25 km south of Natanz city. This desert is about 60 km away from Kashan city and one of the most beautiful eco-camps in the region has been built in this best desert of Iran.

At a distance of 10 km from Matinabad village, there is an ancient site called Arisman, which was discovered between 2000 and 2002 by a German and Iranian archeological team.

Matin Abad Camp is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Isfahan, which was built in the heart of the Matin Abad Desert and tourists can stay there.

If you would like to spend the night in the Bedouin tents, the conditions are right and there are tents with areas of 12 meters and 24 meters that are great for staying and relaxing.

These Bedouin tents are located on concrete platforms and are a short distance from the ground so you will be safe from the damage of some desert animals.

Matin Abad Ecocamp is in fact the first ecocamp in Iran, which is unique in its kind and is located in the north of Natanz city. This camp, as the top site in Iran, was able to receive the Environmental Peace Award from the United Nations.

Desert climbers are sometimes also mountaineers. If this is true for you too. It is better to look here for the best mountaineering routes in and around Tehran for beginner and professional mountaineers.

The best time to travel to Matin Abad desert

The highest temperature and the lowest temperature in Matin Abad desert as one of the best deserts in Iran are 46 degrees Celsius and -12 degrees Celsius, respectively. Due to the huge difference in temperature between day and night, it is necessary to have appropriate clothing.

The desert is hot in summer and therefore the best time to visit the Matin Abad desert will be in the second half of the year.

Matin Abad Desert Recreation

Due to the facilities provided in Matin Abad desert and includes the first ecocamp, so you can stay in this beautiful desert at night and enjoy the stars as if they are near the earth.

During the day you can also enjoy activities such as off-road or safari, camel riding and riding a four-wheeled motorcycle.

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Tourist attractions around Matin Abad desert

There are many tourist attractions around Matin Abad desert, which we will introduce in the following.

Abyaneh village

Boroujerdi house in Kashan

Tabatabai's house in Kashan

Kashan Fin Garden

Natanz village

Castle and dome of Seyed Waqf

Yakhab Mountains

Masileh Salt Lake

Sardar Castle

Address of Matin Abad Desert

Isfahan, Natanz

Reagan Desert

Reagan Desert is located in the southeastern part of Kerman province, near Reagan village. The desert is bounded on the northeast by Lut-e-Junub or Lut-e-Zang-e-Ahmadi, and the Reagan River is one of the sources of the Shurgaz-e-Hamoon salt desert in southern Lut.

Reagan Desert is different from other sandstones in the country in terms of material and color, and has extensive sand dunes in the western and eastern parts.

This vast western and eastern sandstone is about 20 km, while the distance from north to south of Reagan Desert as one of the best deserts in Iran is only 4 km.

Desert hiking is a favorite pastime of many desert hikers during the winter, if spring and autumn. So take a look at the best ski slopes in Iran here and save this article for your winter trip.


Reagan Desert Villages

Reagan Desert is surrounded by many villages; Therefore, its spread can endanger the lives of the villagers.

Some of the sand dunes of the Reagan Desert reach a height of 75 meters, and some villagers believe that Reagan sandstones have healing properties, and for this reason, some tourists travel to this area.

Near the village of Aliabad, 13 miles from Reagan County, a road has been built to access the high hills of the Reagan Sands, followed by a number of pavilions and restrooms.

There is a forest in the Reagan Desert area that covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 hectares and is a very important animal habitat. One of the most important uses of this forest is to stabilize the sand and prevent desertification.

But in recent years, irreparable damage has been done to this forest, and as a result, the lives of the animals that live in it are endangered. Among the animal species of the melon forest, we can mention the hedgehog lizard, Pamsukaki, sand fox, snake and scorpion, desert shark, agama, hawk and hen.

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Best time to visit Reagan Desert

Like the best deserts in Iran, the best time to visit Reagan Desert will be in the fall and winter. This time of year the desert climate is a bit cool and you can enjoy various entertainments during the day. For those who love the desert, autumn will be the desert season because the weather is nice and the heat is pleasant in this season.

Reagan Desert Recreation

The Reagan Desert has many sand dunes that may rise every day; So you can enjoy activities such as off-roading, motorcycling, sand skiing, paragliding and more. One of the most attractive and inexpensive pastimes of Reagan Desert is watching the stars at night in these best deserts of Iran. Of course, you should not forget the healing properties of sand dunes, some locals believe that Reagan sand dunes are very useful for treating joint diseases.

Tourist Attractions Around Reagan Desert

One of the most important tourist attractions around Reagan Desert is Bam Citadel. Although this great monument was destroyed in the Bam earthquake, the remnants of it still show the glory of this region.

Reagan Desert Address

Kerman province, Mohammadabad city, Aliabad village, Reagan desert

Rig Jan.

Rig Jan Desert is one of the mysterious places and one of the harsh deserts of Iran, which due to its special geographical conditions, until a few years ago, no one tried to climb the desert; So if you are looking for the discovery of the unknown and the mysterious areas excite you, Rig Jan Desert will be one of the best deserts in Iran for you.

Righ Jan Desert is one of the most difficult deserts and regions in the world. This desert is located in the west and southwest of the desert plain and in the border area of ​​Semnan and Isfahan provinces.

Rig Jan Desert, which is located almost in the center of Iran, has an area of ​​about 3,800 square kilometers and is the third largest desert in Iran.

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Righ Jan desert is originally formed on one of the eroded plains which is the result of sediments and erosive materials at the foot of Alborz mountains.

This desert has Barkhan hills, sediment hills, pyramidal sand dunes and salt marshes, and due to the lack of any vegetation, the sands of these hills are constantly moving.

One of the reasons for the scary desert of Righ Jan is the existence of many sandy swamps that attract any movement.

Due to the existence of such swamps, for years no tourist visited the Rig Jan Desert because they had all heard the story of ignorant travelers who were killed.

The Rig Jan desert, which is called the desert of the plain of the spirits of Nir, has been called the Bermuda Triangle of Iran by some tourists.

In the local language, quicksand is called "sand" and "jinn" also means covered and hidden, so the meaning of "sand" is originally "hidden or covered quicksand".

Maybe now you want to visit the strangest and scariest places in Iran, the places that you want to go to a lot of courage to know in this article.

A Legend of the Rig Jan Desert

The Rig Jan Desert, also known as the "Regen" by some locals, was built by jinns based on ancient legends and for this reason has dangerous and deadly swamps. Due to the unknown nature of this desert, for a long time, every unfortunate event that happened was turned into a myth and the main cause was considered to be jinn.

The best time to travel to Righ Jan Desert

Righ Jan desert, like other deserts in Iran, has intense and direct sunlight during the day and is very hot and scorching due to the lack of vegetation; Therefore, the best time to travel to this mysterious desert will be autumn and winter.

Rig Jan Desert Recreation

Due to the conditions of Righ Jan desert and its lesser known, there are no facilities and recreations such as off-road riding and camel riding at present. This desert is more suitable for those who love desert hiking, nature and desert nights.

Tourist Attractions Around the Rig Jan Desert

There are many tourist attractions around Rig Jan, some of which we will introduce in the following.

Anarak Castle

Verton Village Spa

Ashin village

Address Rig Jan Desert

Semnan province, Garmsar city, Kavir National Park, Rig Jan Desert

The Helwan Desert

Halvan desert is one of the best deserts in Iran, which is located in the northeast of South Khorasan province and 90 km northwest of Tabas city.

This beautiful desert, which is located in the axis of Tabas to Tehran, ends from the north to the central desert of Iran, from the east to the mountains of lovers, from the west to Namak Khor lake and from the south to the communication axis of Khor city to Tabas.

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Halvan is full of triangular sandstones and there are salt and clay swamps at the edge of this sandstone. The maximum height of the triangular sand dunes of this desert in the eastern part and the height of some of these sand dunes from the bottom of the desert will be about 80 meters.

The vegetation of this desert includes plants of sandy and steppe areas such as artichoke, hawthorn, almond, scissors, cow tail and skunk.

The wildlife of this desert also includes snakes and scorpions, wolves and jackals, sand foxes, hawks, cockatoos, desert chirps, desert sharks, golden eagles, hawks, pamswaki, sand cats, rats and many other desert animals.

The best time to travel to Halvan desert

Due to the weather conditions and high temperatures during the day, the best time to travel to the Helwan Desert will be autumn and winter when the weather is pleasantly cool.

Helwan Desert Recreation

Due to the fact that Halvan desert is one of the most popular and best deserts in Iran, so you can do various entertainments in it, which are as follows.

Desert tourism

riding camel

Sham bath


Walking on sand dunes

Four-wheeled riding

Offroad riding

Attractions around the Helwan Desert

There are many tourist attractions around Helwan desert, which we will introduce in the following.

Helwan Castle

Isfahak village

Salt Lake

Nayband village

Address of Kavir Halvan

South Khorasan Province, Tabas, Halvan village

One of the places you can visit in the fall is the deserts of Iran. But if you are looking for more suggestions to answer the question of where to go in the fall, you will find the answer in this magazine.

Shahdad Desert

Kalout Shahdad, which is also known as Shahdad desert, is one of the hottest places on earth, which is located in Kerman province and due to the existence of beautiful and natural clots, it receives many tourists every year.

Klut is a term made up of a combination of the two words kol (meaning settlement) and Lut, meaning the city of Lut. Klot is basically the ridges between the horseshoe-shaped grooves that are naturally formed in desert areas.

The main reason for the formation of clots in Lut plain is wind exercise and land erosion. Kloutes are one of the most important tourist attractions in Shahdad desert.

Shahdad desert is the fourth natural tourist attraction in the world and has an area of ​​about 11,000 square kilometers. This area is located at a distance of 40,000 kilometers from Shahdad and for this reason it is called Kalut Shahdad.

Kerman is one of the most amazing cities in Iran, for example, while a large part of it has a desert texture, suddenly in the middle of a desert you can find the garden of Prince Mahan; A green line, as if someone from heaven had drawn his finger on the desert soil to go to this garden!

In Jabama Magazine, we tell the story of the Prince's Garden, the most deserted paradise on earth.


It is interesting to know that this region is the hottest place in the world with a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius during the day. This temperature measurement was performed by NASA in 2005 and Shahdad clods are also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are more than 100,000 salt fields in Shahdad desert, which are other tourist attractions of this region.

Other natural phenomena of Shahdad desert include Nebka or plant trap as the tallest desert vase in the world with a length of more than 10 meters. These pots are among the few vegetation in Shahdad desert.

The salt hexagon, which the locals call the polygon, is another tourist attraction in the Shahdad desert. Area.

The Shoor River is another natural phenomenon in this region and has one of the saltiest waters in the world, which is full of mineral salts and reaches the Shahdad Desert from the northwest of Birjand.

Shahdad Desert Camp is a night resort for tourists who want to spend more than one day in the best deserts of Iran, Shahdad.

This camp has 40 pavilions that are made of natural materials and is located in Nehbandan route, 20 km from Shahdad. The camps are located in the middle of several clots, which is why they are safe from wind and sandstorms.

Forbidden areas of Shahdad desert

Shahdad clods are classified into three colors: green, orange and red. Tourists are allowed to climb the desert in the green area.

However, the orange and red areas are prohibited, and desert trekking is prohibited without accompanying or without coordination with the relevant authorities. The reason for this is the difficulty of the route and the loss of tourists in the forbidden areas.

The best time to travel to Shahdad desert

Due to the very high temperature during the day, it is impossible to visit Shahdad desert in hot seasons or in the first 6 months of the year. So if you want to see these beautiful sand mountains made by nature, the best season can be autumn and winter.

Shahdad Desert Recreation

Due to the vastness of this desert and its great distance from the first settlement, it may be the best recreation in this region. So to enjoy your trip, it is better to have extra gas with you so that you can go off-road.

Among the hobbies of Kalut Shahdad, we can mention safari or off-road riding, four-wheeled motorcycle riding and camel riding.

Tourist attractions around Shahdad desert

Nebka and polygon

The salt fields

Salt River

Caravanserai of Shafi'abad

Camp Clout Shahdad

Address Shahdad Desert

Kerman, Nehbandan-Shahdad road, Shahdad desert

Desert tourism in Shahdad without having a Carbald leader can be difficult, travel with a Jabama leader on a trip to Shahdad desert.

Isfahan Varzaneh Desert

Varzaneh desert is one of the best deserts in Iran, which is located in the eastern part of Isfahan, 10 km from the city of Varzaneh. The area of ​​this expression is about 17,000 hectares and it is famous for its golden sands.

In the past, the whole region was called the Khara Desert, but these days this vast desert is divided into two main parts, the Varzaneh Desert and the Khara Desert. It is interesting to know that Khara desert is not adjacent to Varzaneh desert and is about 30 km away from it.

Khara desert is not very popular with tourists due to its loose soil, because it is the main entertainment in the Safari desert, and despite the loose soil, this possibility is not available in the Khara desert.

The largest entertainment site is located in the Varzaneh desert, which is called an oasis.

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The best time to travel to Varzaneh desert

The best time to visit Varzaneh desert is early April, autumn and winter. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the desert night is very cold in winter, so if you are planning to travel to the best deserts of Iran for a few days, especially Varzaneh, keep this in mind.


Varzaneh Desert Recreation

In Varzaneh desert, like other best deserts in Iran, there are various entertainments that have made tourists have happy hours of traveling to this desert.

Walking on the sands

riding camel

Zipper ride on the oasis site

Paragliding at the Oasis Site

Riding a four-wheeled motorcycle


Sand riding

Ride by off-road car

Tourist attractions around Varzaneh desert

Varzaneh Mosque

Historical bridge of Varzaneh city

Khara Salt Lake

Varzaneh Pigeon House Tower

Swallow Pigeon House Tower

Varzaneh camel mill

Rabbit Castle Caravanserai

The historical castle of Qortan

Black Mountain

Red bed

Gavkhoni Wetland

Occasional Haj Ibrahim Varzaneh

Horn strap aside

Address Varzaneh desert of Isfahan

Isfahan, Isfahan-Varzaneh route, Varzaneh desert

The best deserts of Iran in Yazd province

Yazd is one of the provinces that has several deserts, each of these deserts has a special flora and fauna and visiting them is an indescribable pleasure. In the following, we will introduce the best deserts of Iran in Yazd province.

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Maghistan desert or golden sand

The Golden Sand Desert is located near the city of Ardakan and is also called the Maghistan Desert. The Golden Sand Desert is just 2 km after Saghand village and as a result you can return to the village for the night.

Among the facilities of Moghistan desert, camping and various entertainments such as quad biking, safari, sand riding and camel riding.

Caracal Desert

Karakal or Sadeghabad desert is located near Bafgh city of Yazd and is one of the most famous deserts in Yazd province. There is a special species of wild cat that lives in this desert, which usually leaves its shelter at night, so you have to wait until night to see this beautiful animal. Of course, some tourists have also seen wild cats during the day.

One of the most important tourist attractions around the Caracal Desert is the old fortress of the Qajar period, which is located 9 km from Bafgh Road to Sadeghabad village. Among the recreations of this desert, we can mention camel riding, four-wheeled motorbike, safari and sand riding.

Bafgh or Daranjir desert

Bafgh desert is located 10 km north of Bafgh so you can easily access urban facilities. The area of ​​this desert is 75 km and it has almost no vegetation.

Only on the edge of the desert can you see clusters of desert plants. Salt octagons, snow-white sand dunes and sand dunes are some of the beautiful desert attractions in Anjir.

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Shabahang Desert

Shabahang Desert is located 19 km from Yazd province, on Nasr Road, and has a recreational camp and overnight accommodation. Therefore, it can be the most suitable choice for tourists who travel to Yazd from distant provinces to see the best deserts of Iran.

In Shabahang, like other deserts of Iran, you can enjoy activities such as hiking, safari, motorcycling and camel riding.

Desert of Seven Stones

Haft Sang Desert is only 12 km away from Yazd city and therefore is the best choice for tourists who want to spend the night in the city. In this desert, beds and pavilions are designed that are completely free and you can use them to relax.

Among the Haft Sang desert recreations, we can mention zip line, paraglider, safari, four-wheeled motorcycle riding, camel riding and hiking on sandals.


Black Mountain Desert or Aqda

Aqda Desert, which is called Siah Kooh Desert and Ardakan Desert, is located 30 km from Ardakan city and to enter it, you must use the dirt road of Ahmadabad. The Ahmadabad road passes by the railway and reaches the Black Mountain Desert directly. The wind is very strong in this desert, so if you plan to stay the night, be sure to bring warm clothes.

Abuzid Abad Desert

Abu Zayd Abad desert is a part of Bandarig desert and is located in the northeast of Kashan. One of the attractions of this desert is the existence of ancient monuments that have increased its fame. The attractions of this area are mostly located in the national part and along the dirt road. Large and beautiful hills and the passage of Chal Arous Lake are among the most beautiful parts of this desert.

There is another beautiful desert near Kashan; Maranjab desert. Maranjab desert is one of the most popular deserts in Iran, which is visited not only by independent tourism groups every year, but also a large number of desert tours choose Marnjab as their destination. In this article of Jabama magazine, get acquainted with the beautiful desert of Maranjab and its imaginative nights.

The best time to travel to Abu Zidabad desert

Like the best deserts in Iran, the best time to visit the Abuzidabad desert is early spring, autumn and winter. There are many nature tours and desert tours in these seasons and you can join them.


Abuzid Abad Desert Recreation

riding camel

Ride by off-road car

Riding a four-wheeled motorcycle


Sand ride

Tourist attractions around Abu Zidabad desert

There are many historical monuments around Abu Zaydabad desert that have a long history and some of them date back to the time of the Mongol invasion. Among these historical places, we can mention Karshahi Castle, where the creativity of Iranian architecture flourishes. Parts of the castle have been destroyed, but the remaining buildings show a steep history. The following are the most important tourist attractions around Abu Zayd Abad Desert.

Karshahi Castle

Abyaneh village

Yakhab Mountain

Safavid water reservoir

The historical city of Noshabad

Ovi Underground City

Caravanserai of Abu Zayd Abad

Address of Abuzid Abad Desert

Isfahan, 30 km east of Kashan, Abuzidabad desert

On your way to Abu Zidabad, you can spend the night in one of the rooms of the Di Sara eco-lodge, where the pleasure of desert travel is doubled.

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Deserts around Tehran

There are several deserts around Tehran that you will reach in at least 4 hours by car. In the following, we will introduce these deserts to you.

Maranjab desert

Maranjab desert is located 48 km north of Aran and Bidgol. This desert was about 292 km away from Tehran and could be reached in 4 hours by car.

Paper Desert

Paper Desert is located a very short distance from Kashan and about 266 km from Tehran, which can be reached in 3 and a half hours by car.

Desert desert

Varzaneh desert is located 117 km east of Isfahan and 10 km from Varzaneh city and is about 536 km away from Tehran and you can reach it in 5 and a half hours by driving.

Jandagh Desert

Jandagh Desert is located 350 km northeast of Isfahan and is about 674 km away from Tehran and can be reached in 7 hours and 20 minutes by car.

Egypt desert

The Egyptian Desert is located 55 km from the city of Khor, Isfahan, near a village called Misr, and is about 713 km from Tehran, and can be reached in 7 hours and 50 minutes by car.

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The perfect season to travel to the desert

Due to the fact that in summer, the day is longer, so the sun will shine for a longer time and this will cause a sharp rise in desert temperature. For this reason, the best season to travel to the desert will be the second half of the year. Of course, many professional deserters also travel in the spring, which can be a different experience. It should be noted that depending on the geographical location and climate of the desert you want, travel time can change.

Necessary equipment for traveling to the desert

The temperature difference between day and night in the deserts is very large and in some cases this temperature difference reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is recommended to travel to the desert, in addition to cool and comfortable clothes, as well as heat-escaping items such as hats, scarves and sunglasses, as well as warm clothes. Scarves are very useful for covering the mouth and nose when a sandstorm sets in.

Every person needs 4 liters of drinking water daily to live in the desert, so to travel to the best deserts of Iran, you should consider this issue.

Other essentials include sunscreen to keep your skin from getting sunburned.

Try to wear clothes that do not have pockets, experience has proven that tourists have been busy removing desert sands from their pockets for days. On the other hand, it is necessary to wear light shoes, shoes that make it easy for you to walk on desert sands.


If this is your first time traveling to the best deserts of Iran, it is better to join a professional group and register for desert tours. Even if you are traveling with a group, it is essential to have a map and a compass for unpredictable situations.

If you plan to walk on sandals for a while, it will take a lot of energy due to the difficulty of the route, so be sure to bring canned or high-calorie snacks with high sugar to make up for lost energy if necessary.

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List of supplies needed to travel to the best deserts of Iran

If you are going to spend the night in the desert, you will usually need a tent, other equipment is essential for travel.

Cool and comfortable clothes

warm cloth

Water bottle


Hats and scarves


Suitable shoes

First aid box

Insect repellent ointment or spray

Map and compass or GPS

Here is a complete list of travel essentials.

Reasons why desert nights are cold

Desert temperatures can drop from 38 degrees Celsius during the day to less than minus 4 degrees Celsius at night. Deserts and arid regions cover about 35% of the earth, and the reason it is so hot during the day and so cold at night is a combination of two key factors: sand and moisture.

According to a 2008 report by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, sand does not retain heat well, and when heat and sunlight hit the sandy desert, the upper layers of sand absorb heat and return it to the air. Therefore, this reflection of heat from the surface of the desert sands will greatly heat the air of the day.

As the sun sets, this heat radiation from the surface of the sand will decrease and as a result, the space will cool down. On the other hand, humidity and the amount of water vapor in the air will be an important factor in the sharp decrease in temperature on desert nights.

Before leaving, it is best to take a look at this article, which contains the most complete travel guide to the desert and desert tourism.

Indescribable pleasure of traveling to the best deserts of Iran

Kavir, this most beautiful platform for achieving exemplary tranquility, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran. In this article, you got acquainted with the best deserts of Iran from the perspective of domestic and foreign tourists, and the access address to them was provided to you along with a map. We tried to introduce the most popular deserts, but if in the meantime, an area is missing, comment on the name of the desert and tell us about its attractions for other readers.

 Frequently asked questions about the best deserts in Iran

What season is suitable for traveling to the desert?

The best seasons to travel to the best deserts of Iran are early spring, autumn and winter.

What equipment should we have when traveling to the desert?

The most important equipment you should bring with you in the desert include light clothing, warm clothing, tents, flashlights, maps and compasses, sunglasses, hats, scarves and drinking water.

Where is the desert of Egypt?

The Egyptian Desert is located in Isfahan province, 55 km from the estuary and 45 km from the city of Jandagh, near the village of Misr.

Where is the Marnjab Desert?

Marnjab desert is located in Isfahan province, Aran and Bidgol city, Marnjab road.

Where is the best desert in Iran?

Khor and Biabank deserts, Egypt deserts, Maranjab deserts and Matinabad desert are among the best deserts in Iran.

What are the most famous deserts in Iran?

The desert of Egypt, the desert of Marnjab, the desert of Matineabad, the desert of Shahdad, the desert of Rig Zarrin and the desert of Abu Zidabad are among the most famous deserts in Iran.

Where is the largest desert city in Iran?

Kerman is the largest desert city in Iran.

What are the closest deserts to Tehran?

Egypt Desert, Jandagh Desert, Varzaneh Desert, Maranjab Desert and Paper Desert are among the closest deserts to Tehran.

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