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As the saying goes, whatever goes up must come down. However, what goes down, particularly in Prime Central London, normally goes up when it comes to the real estate market.

As a consequence of the closure and epidemic, Central London's real estate market has seen a decline in sales prices. In fact, it has led to a major decline in the number of visitors to London, as people have been unable to leave their homes, companies have seen a move toward remote working, and travel has halted.

Real estate in the heart of London Entralon

Due to London's position as the world's second-largest financial capital after New York, it was almost guaranteed to be negatively affected by the shutdown. According to current statistics, Prime Central London prices have fallen by an average of 10 percent. Some postcodes have resisted this trend and have experienced price drops of up to 40% in desired districts.

Consequently, certain postcodes have defied the trend, while others have seen price cuts of up to 40%. However, is this likely to alter soon? According to the latest prediction, the UK's residential market is expected to increase by 7% in 2022, and an average of 21.6 percent growth over the following five years. As a result, as we recover from the epidemic, market activity is picking up speed and is expected to expand in tandem with rising economic and general productivity.

Buy new build  in London; Dreams come true

Thinking about the process of purchasing a home is the first step. Around ten percent of the property's worth is the typical deposit for first-time home purchasers. Mortgage lenders lend the remainder to homebuyers.

Before beginning your search for a home, make sure you've completed the following procedures:

  • Get a sense of how much money you'll be able to borrow
  • Use the free mortgage comparison tool provided by Times Money Mentor to find out the existing available mortgage options and the interest rates that you may be subjected to in the future.
  • Consider if purchasing is both reasonable and a wise long-term investment for you.
  • Review your credit score and take steps to improve it if needed.
  • Save as much as you can to pay the deposit and any other charges, such as legal fees and other expenses.
  • The basis of a mortgage is a paper describing your borrowing capacity

What is your wish list for buying a house?

It's time to think about what sort of home you want and where you want to live after you're confident in your ability to purchase.

Consider your financial situation before imagining yourself living in a three-bedroom detached property in the heart of London.

Learn about the houses for sale and their prices by visiting websites such as Entralon. This website is conducted by masters in selling properties with the best prices.

Create a prioritized list, beginning with essential items on the list. For instance:

  • What is your preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • What is your preferred location for shopping and recreation?
  • Do you place a high value on your children attending a good school?

If you want to get everything on your wish list, it's a good idea to keep in mind that you may have to make some sacrifices. However, although a mortgage in principle is not required to visit houses, some estate agents like to see this paperwork as proof that you are a serious purchaser.

First-time homebuyer's guid  with Entralon

Finding a house and moving in might take months. This section will offer you a quick rundown of the whole home-buying process. Before you begin searching for a home, it's a good idea to have a sense of what to expect.

When searching for a new home

  1. Conveyancing quotes should be compared (This individual acts as your legal representative while purchasing a home.)
  2. Take some time to consider what kind of mortgage you want to get
  3. Decide on a mortgage expert
  4. Be prepared with a letter of intent (the real estate agent may want to see this to verify your seriousness as a buyer)
  5. You may then begin looking at properties. To have a fair idea of what you're getting for your money, we advise you to see a few properties before making an offer.

As soon as your offer has been accepted

  1. Engage the services of a lawyer to represent your interests (In certain cases, a small deposit is required up ahead)
  2. Inquire with your mortgage broker about assisting you with your mortgage application (or go straight to the lender): You'll need a lot of paperwork to establish your income and expenses.
  3. To ensure that it is comfortable providing you the money secured against your new house, your lender will conduct its own investigations into the house (and into you). If it determines that you are overpaying, you may be required to put down a larger deposit or to discuss the purchase price with the seller.
  4. Your lawyer will do the necessary research on your behalf.
  5. Hire a professional to do a property survey on the house you're interested in purchasing (A price reduction with the seller may be in your best interests if there are any major flaws.)
  6. Fortunately, your mortgage offer has been approved. Inspect your mortgage papers to ensure that they have all the proper information.

Final procedures

  1. A closing date will be agreed upon by both you and the home's owner.
  2. Make payment to your lawyer and sign the contract. Contracts must be exchanged to complete the process of moving up the property ladder. In this case, the buyer and seller exchange their written agreements. Contracts are legally binding after they've been exchanged; the odds of anything going wrong are small.
  3. You'll get a "completion statement" from your lawyer outlining all of the additional fees you'll be responsible for.
  4. Next, you must sign the transfer documents in front of a notary public in order to officially recognize that you have acquired legal possession of the property.
  5. Afterward, your solicitor will approach your lender to request the mortgage funds on your behalf. These funds are first delivered to the seller's attorney and subsequently to their lender. To put it another way, this means that the seller's lender no longer has a right to hold on to the property because of this.
  6. After all of this has been completed, you will be sent a copy of your deeds.
  7. Congratulations! You finally get your hands on the keys to your new house.
  8. Our guide goes into further depth on topics like mortgage applications, so this is just a basic schedule to get you started.

The best and the worst time of the year to buy property in Londen

When it comes to buying a home, the spring season is frequently the best time to do it since there are more homes available. On the other hand, a great month to buy a property is March, as daylight hours continue to lengthen and the temperature rises. To sell fast, put your property on the market in March when more individuals are seeking a new place to live.

August tends to be the least busy month of the year due to the rush to complete before summer vacations begin. There is an uptick in listings (or purchasing opportunities) in September and October before they begin to decline in November and December. Property owners in this region are more likely to remain in their homes throughout the Christmas season. Also, sales are at their lowest between August and December.

Now that you know the best times for buying a house in London let's go through the rules which help you buy a house very easily.

What exactly is Help to Buy?

Using the Help to Buy London program, first-time homebuyers may acquire a home with as little as a 5% deposit and an extra Government-backed loan of up to 40%. In fact, this loan is interest-free for five years.

There are regional price limitations for those in England, while in London and Wales, the Help to Buy program takes on a different form. The project is offered on new construction residences up to £600,000 in London.

Moreover, the Help to Buy loan must be repaid after twenty-five years, or sooner if you sell your house, and you must pay back the same proportion of the selling profits as you borrowed.

If you're interested in purchasing a home in London under the government's Help to Buy program, Entralon is here to help.

Is it possible for a foreigner to own real estate in London?

In the United Kingdom, foreign nationals have no legal limits on purchasing real estate. Foreigners and non-residents may obtain a mortgage in the UK. If you've been here for less than two years and have no work, you may have to pay a higher deposit and more severe conditions.

Moreover, freehold and leasehold are the two most common kinds of house ownership in the United Kingdom. Owning a home that has a freehold status means you're entitled to both the house and the land it stands on. Maintaining and modifying the property is your responsibility, and you are free to do so as you see fit (subject to any necessary zoning permits).

Is it a smart idea to invest in real estate in London?

One of the finest areas to purchase property in the UK has always been London. You may make a fortune investing in London real estate if you choose wisely. Also, consider moving to one of the 32 London boroughs, which offers a wide range of options for you and your family.

Which districts of London are the most favorable for real estate investment?

If you're serious about making money, you need to know where to put your money. Clapham and Richmond, two sought-after boroughs south of the Thames, are in great demand, but are they really worth asking for exorbitant prices? Search for homes that really meet particular requirements since this is what you're looking for.

There is a need for improved transportation and urban redevelopment. Those who need to get into and out of London quickly will be drawn to Southall, which has a strong link to the Crossrail.

Many people overlook Wandsworth, which is only a short walk between Clapham Junction and Putney, as a great place to live because of its proximity to both.

Then there's Harlow, a town to the north of London with good access to the metropolis. Harlow provides easy access to nearby rural areas that may be enjoyed at any time of day or night.

Property investment; advantages and disadvantages

Purchasing a London home from another country, especially if you can get a mortgage from a British lender or pay in cash, might be a smart investment. Throughout time, and given the uncertainty that has characterized the last year, the real estate market in the United Kingdom as a whole has shown steady year-on-year growth.

Accordingly, it made it a compelling investment choice for foreign investors looking to take advantage of the opportunity to put their money into an asset that is expected to appreciate in value each year. For people hoping to acquire property in the United Kingdom, homeownership in the nation might help them get UK citizenship and a significant amount of profit.

Nonetheless, there are certain risks associated with the London real estate market as well. There has been a lot of uncertainty due to Brexit and the COVID19 situation. A large number of investors, however, perceive a possible opportunity as a consequence of dropping property values.

It's possible that you'll discover fewer alternatives for deferring taxes when buying a home in the UK than, say, the US, depending on where you're from and your financial habits. As a consequence, it's critical to understand how your investment will perform year after year when all British property taxes are taken into account.

Also worth noting that the British government is imposing a new tax on foreign investment in UK real estate. If you have dual citizenship or a British spouse, or if you already own property in both the United Kingdom and your native country, you may face more difficult taxation obligations.

Costs of Investing in UK Property

If you're a foreign investor looking to buy a house in London, there are a number of additional charges that you'll need to take into account. These are some examples:

Stamp duty land tax

Stamp Duty Land Tax is often needed when acquiring a home in the United Kingdom. This is normally cheaper for your first home and somewhat greater for any future properties acquired.

Income tax

Those who make more than £12,500 a year in the United Kingdom are taxed on their whole income. There are numerous tax brackets based on your yearly investment property income, with the top rate for individuals making over £150,000 a year being 45 percent. Investment in London property as a corporation will incur a 20% tax rate for non-residents of the United Kingdom.

Capital gains tax

London property investments are subject to capital gain tax, which may be as high as 18 percent, no matter if the buyer is a UK resident.

As well as taxes, there are other expenses you should keep in mind.

  • Mortgage interest charges
  • Fees for valuing a property
  • Solicitors' charges
  • Expenses related to the survey
  • Fees charged by real estate agents
  • Costs associated with land registration
  • Construction, remodeling, or other repairs
  • Running costs on a monthly basis
  • The payment of regular taxes, such as the city council tax
  • Moving expenses if you want to use the property as a private residence.

Entralone; highest chance of buying the best property

You can count on Entralo, a team with a combined real estate career spanning five decades, to discover the greatest home possible for your needs and wants. Entralon is actually the first worldwide online agency to buy both local and foreign properties.

It is a source of pride for them to have Entralon offices all over the world in addition to their UK headquarters in London.

This company gives you an advantage in your hunt for a new house by displaying hundreds of homes every month, 24 hours a day or more.

Ultimately, Entralon's goal is to be the housing portal of choice for both individuals and businesses, and in order to achieve that goal, the company must be a place where people want to work, invest, and collaborate with.


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