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Which car is best for private hire?

Are you planning to hire a private car but you can’t decide which is the best? It is totally understandable. As the private hire options are various and each of them has a special benefit than others. In this article we will explore for cars which are the best for private hire together.

Through this article you will read about the following items:

  • What does private hire mean?
  • Why should I get a private hire car?
  • Expense ranges for private hire.
  • Which car is best for private hire? Comparing top 10 cars for private hire.
  • Other cars for private hire which are suitable.
  • Conclusion


What does private hire mean?

Private hire cars (vehicles) are family sized cars and minibuses which carry up to 8 passengers. These types of vehicles can’t be hailed in the street. Also can’t be used as a taxi rank. Private cars always have got the vehicle number replicated on a badge displayed in the windscreen. If we want to list the features of a private hire car, we can mention it like this: private hires are the cars which

  1. cannot be hailed in the street.
  2. cannot use taxi ranks.
  3. must be pre-booked through a licensed operator.

have a yellow door sticker and a yellow plate attached to the rear of the vehicle displaying the license number. London’s Top 5 Most Popular PCO cars

also have the vehicle number replicated on a badge displayed in the windscreen.

Why should I get a private hire car?

Having a personal vehicle for transportation is a vital property these days. But, many people can’t afford it so they use public transportations instead. It means that it is a deep necessity in every society to have great public transportation services. But, these transportation methods are not always fast enough, besides they are public! Not private at all.

All these make people choose private hire cars for transportation. So, it makes a good market for private hire drivers. If you are looking for a second-part-time job, or even a full-time job, you can be a private hire driver by hiring a private car and earn expenses of a life without any special skills but driving.

Another reason for using a private hire system rather than buying a car is that you might not afford buying a car but you truly need one! So, you can hire a car and pay a short amount of money per month, instead of buying a car and spend a huge amount of money at once.


Expense ranges for private hire:

In this part we will review the expenses for a private hire from two aspects:

  1. How much you shall spend on private hires as a driver.
  2. How much you shall spend on private hires as passengers.


How much you shall spend on private hires as driver:

Depending on the car you are hiring and the duration of this hiring period, it can vary from 840$ to 1200$ per month.

How much you shall spend on private hires as passenger:

Depending on what car you are hiring, the destinations and the duration of trips, expenses vary from 3$ to 5$ per kilometer.


Which car is best for private hire? Comparing top 10 cars for private hire:

There are different ways to conclude a car is perfect for private hire or not. These factors can be:

  1. Affordability (will you be able to cover the daily rent?)
  2. Fuel efficiency (you want to do a maximum number of trips with a minimum number of petrol station visits)
  3. Reliability (you do not want your car breaking down on you regularly)
  4. Comfort (not the most important but, you don't want to be driving eight to 10 hours a day in discomfort. You'll burn out fast.

The following list will tell you what are the most popular cars for private hire regarding the above factors:

  • Mitsubishi Attrage
  • Mazda3
  • Honda Fit
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Toyota Sienta
  • Toyota Noah Hybrid
  • Toyota Avensis
  • Honda Jazz
  • Honda Shuttle Hybrid

Let’s compare the pros and cons of each car group together:

Hybrids: Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Noah hybrid, Honda Shuttle Hybrid, Honda Vezel Hybrid:


Combining petrol and electric power, these vehicles are incredibly fuel efficient which means that fuel costs are kept low. Many hybrids on the market are also new and are equipped with the latest features and technologies.


Precisely because they are so fuel-efficient, they are in very high demand. As a result, they are a lot more expensive to rent than other options.


Affordable: Honda Jazz, Honda Fit, Mitsubishi Attrage, Mazda3:


These cars are the embodiment of the phrase “old but gold”. They are affordable, as well as fuel efficient, making them some of the most popular cars in the business. Having been on the market for so long, their performance is tried and tested, and are also easy to find on the market as second-hand cars. They are also easy to drive, making them great for beginners. 


Limited cabin space, and older technology and features.



As transportation is having an important role in everyday lives, private cars would become more popular. This makes a big job opportunity for unemployed who are looking for jobs, good chance for those who don’t have a personal car and a suitable choice for the people who look for private drivers.

We hope that this article is useful enough for those who were looking for cars that are best for private hire.

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