The best forex brokers for small accounts

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On average, with currency trading of more than 6.5 trillion dollars per day, the forex market is known as the most significant market all around the world. The trading forex is the procedure of changing one currency to another, based on exchange rates set by the forex market. Forex trading is also known as selling or buying currencies in pairs. In this vast and complicated market, the very first step to take is choosing the right forex broker. This choice should be based on different factors, including the navigating forex platforms, the proper usability of the websites, market research, and the size of accounts engaged in the trading. 

If you are a beginner in the forex trading market or you are interested in small accounts, you need to notice that trading in this market is high risk. To this end, you must choose the right forex broker who can help you to have more secure trading, while it provides you the benefits of learning and testing to gain the required experience. The best forex brokers for small accounts are trusted and regulated brands that usually provide three essential and fundamental benefits: A user-friendly platform, vast and complete educational resources, and easy access to the market research. 


Small accounts in the forex market


In this article, we are going to introduce some of the best forex brokers for small accounts, based on the classification presented by the We will also summarize the pros and cons of each introduced forex broker.  


The best forex broker for small accounts: top10best


Whether you are beginner or a professional trader, finding new trading opportunities like best forex trading deals is always interesting, and opportunities come with new online brokers or the new portfolios that regulated FX or CFD brokers provide to public.



The best forex broker for small accounts: Plus500

Plus500 is a good choice for beginners and small accounts. This forex trader provides a web-based and user-friendly trading platform, mostly suitable for those who have just joined the CFD and forex trading market or who are willing to trade with small accounts. However, this forex broker does not offer more complicated features for forex trading. Therefore, it is not suggested for research or trading tools. 



 The best forex broker for small accounts: MarketsX

The MarketsX forex broker is a web-based platform. This platform is easy to use for new traders or those who have small accounts. One drawback of this online forex trader is the lack of some of the essential tools for trading. On the other hand, this platform is rather expensive, making it a less popular choice among small accounts. 



The forex market is known as the most significant market all around the world.

The best forex broker for small accounts: Saxo bank

Saxo Bank provides an online trading platform for traders with a minimum deposit of 10,000 USD. This online platform offers reliable customer service with a competitive price and extraordinary research. The Saxo bank offers this excellent forex trading platform with more than 40,000 instruments to trade. The drawback of Saxo bank’s online forex trading platform is the rather high minimum deposit, which makes it a less desirable choice among small accounts. 


The best forex broker for small accounts: easyMarkets

easyMarkets is a unique forex trading platform that provides two user-friendly features: Freez Rate and dealCancellation. However, this unique forex trading platform come with a couple of significant drawbacks, including pricy services, lack of research tools essential for the forex market, and a typical mobile application. 

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