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As you know, these days, social networks, in addition to being a tool for entertaining people, are one of the best channels that anyone or any business can use to earn money from Telegram. As you know, wherever there is more audience, it's the best place to advertise and market products and services. That's why the Telegram messaging app, which has attracted so many people these days, is the best place to make money online, as well as the boom of Internet businesses.

As you know, these days, in addition to being a tool for entertaining people, social networks are one of the best channels that anyone or any business can use to earn money from Telegram. As you know, wherever there is more audience, it's the best place to advertise and market products and services. That's why the Telegram messaging app, which has attracted so many people these days, is the best place to make money online, as well as the boom of Internet businesses.

Real members mean that there are people on our channel who are really interested in the content of our channel and are always following us. It's not a good idea to force someone to follow us! This is true everywhere. For example, in email marketing, sending emails to people who don't know us is wrong and ineffective.

increase members in short time : 

The number of channels has increased and is going a long way.
If you want to achieve high returns in a short period of time, you have to cultivate your channel by buy telegram membersLinks to an external site. and achieve your goal, but if you want to spend years, you can use the following tips.

Marketing and advertising have always been important to people who are our target. The same is true in Telegram. That means we can't force people who don't like our content into our channel. It's time to add people to our channel through pop-up ads. Today, using principled methods, we need to make people follow our channel with their own desire. To make it much easier for us to market our products and services to them.

Complete your Telegram channel profile creatively:

It is important to use the right logo and complete your channel description. Once you've identified your communications profile, try explaining the benefits to your user in the description or Bio section of your channel. It doesn't matter if you are the first in your field of work, it is important to know what the difference is with your competitors and what benefits you have for your audience.

For example, the phrase "End your day with motivational sentences on our channel every day" is much better and more interesting, including "Follow motivational sentences on our channel."

Identify your goal and build your channel:

The first step in building a telegram channel is to know what your goal is to create a channel. You must specify your purpose for launching the Telegram channel. Identify the topic you want to create content for on your channel.

It is very important that you do not change the subject of your channel after you have specified the purpose and topic. For example, if the subject of your channel is health, you should not publish content on your channel about humor or politics! This will increase the dissatisfaction of your channel members and they will leave your channel over time.

Unfortunately, many friends fail in the hope that by changing the subject of their channel, they will be able to attract more members to their channel, and the same current members will lose their channel.

Dedicate your channel posts:

The most important thing to do is to customize your channel posts. This will greatly increase your channel members. Rest assured that if your posts are private and engaging, they will be sent to other people by your users or shared with other groups.
Get help from your users in producing content:

Ask your users to generate content for you and put their production content in the channel with their full specifications. Of course, you have to do this according to the subject of your channel. For example, raise a specific issue and ask your users to comment on it. It's much more appealing if you ask them to do this in the form of an audio file.

You can also ask them to ask you questions. For example, you work in the field of online sales and marketing techniques, and in this area, questions are asked by your audience. You can produce interesting content and put it on your channel by answering their questions along with the question.

Hold the competition and give an award:

One of the best ways to increase your Telegram channel membership is to run a contest. You must have seen the competitions left in Telegram so far. Some time ago, a competition called "The best children's photo" was held in Telegram and it attracted the attention of many friends.

In this competition, anyone could take a photo of their child in the competition, and any photo that received the most likes won. Depending on the subject of the contest and how to win it, everyone would try to get a photo of their child. To do this, he sent a link to the contest to his friends and acquaintances and asked them to like the photo.

Produce quality and engaging content:

Try to produce and publish content that benefits your channel users. Entertainment channels usually produce content on any topic, and it doesn't really matter what topics they post. But this is not the case with specialized channels! If your channel is dedicated to a specific area, you should try to produce useful and fully functional content for your users.

Be diverse in content production. Try to use popular formats such as photo posts and gift images or short short videos that spread like a virus among people.

Info graphics can strangely go hand in hand in Telegram. Making info graphics is hard work, but try to make as many specific info graphics as you can about the topic of your channel and share it.

On social networks, especially Telegram, users are a little bored. Try not to publish long posts and put photos with your posts as much as possible. Most of the time you can express yourself in the form of a written photo.

Due to the subject matter of my channel, I suggest you use short sounds as well. Audio files are very popular and your members can easily listen to your audio posts at any time. As you know, the screen of mobile phones is small, which is why many friends are not bored to read your text posts. That's why try to publish audio files for bored people.

Invite your site visitors to your Telegram channel:

There are many ways to get your site visitors to your Telegram channel. One of these ways is to invite users of your site to content that is only published on your Telegram appLinks to an external site. on channel. In general, everything that does not exist on your site and is only in your Telegram channel and the user is forced to come to your Telegram channel to see that content. You can also invite your site users to subscribe to your Telegram channel via email.

For example, send them an e-mail and point out that tonight at 10 o'clock a certain article will be published on our Telegram channel, or that our new product will be displayed with a special discount for telegrams so as not to lose it. Take this opportunity to subscribe to our Telegram channel right now.

In order to invite visitors who visit your site temporarily to join your Telegram channel, you can consider special offers for them. For example, you can make a suggestion to a visitor before a visitor leaves your site. Give him a pop-up template.

Join groups and super groups in the same field:

Try to find and work with groups and super groups that are in your field. If possible, share your selected posts with them from time to time. If your group manager doesn't allow you to do that, try to connect with them sincerely. For example, share some of their posts on your channel and ask them to allow you to work in the group instead.

You can also participate in discussions in the super groups related to your field of work and answer other users' questions. Try to be professional and capable in your work. In the posts you make in the groups, try to introduce yourself and your channel imperceptibly. For example, if you answered a question, finally point out that you also have a channel in this field. Make sure you can refer many people to your channel.

Link your telegram channel to other social networks:

Put your Telegram channel address on every social network you work for. For example, it is very good to put the address of your Telegram channel on your Instagram bio page. Or, for example, in your Aparat channel, in addition to the website address, put your Telegram channel address in the social media section. In general, try to include the address of your Telegram channel on any site you have a profile on.

Enter your channel in the Telegram channel directories:

There are a number of sites that can be used as a directory for telegram channels to increase Telegram channel membership. These sites categorize Telegram channels on different topics on their site by categorizing their topics.

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