Air freight for shipping from China to France

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Why is air freight the best option for sending products and goods and shipping from China to France? One way you can choose to export and ship the product from China to France is by air freight. But in general, we will explain the reasons for choosing and the disadvantages and advantages of air freight in this article. Stay with us.

Introducing the largest France airports for shipping from China

The largest airport in France and its capital Paris is Charles de Gaulle, which is one of the busiest airports in Europe. This huge airport was commissioned in 1974 and has the highest number of flights worldwide. It is interesting to know that this airport handles more than 72 million passengers a year and handles about 4 million tons of cargo from this airport.


The best airports in China for Air freight

The following is a list of the largest airports in China that ship to France. Shanghai Pudong is the first major airport, which is the direct and first route of any country to export and receive goods from China by air freight.

Shanghai Pudong Airport is one of the two international airports in China’s Economic Zone, handling more than 4 million tons of cargo a year. It is also the third-largest airport in the world in terms of air transport. Shipping from china to France


On the other hand, Beijing Capital International Airport provides export and air transportation services to more than 150 countries due to its location in a completely strategic region.

Beijing Capital International Airport is another major airport in China, located in Beijing, which is the second-largest Airfreight destination in China. The airport registers more than 2 million tons of cargo per year, which is a record of its kind.

How to calculate volume weight in Air freight


The calculation of the volume weight of products for export from China to France depends on different cases. We have two types of calculations in this case, the exact weight for the products calculates by these methods. First, the final weight of the products, and second, the volumetric weight. Because the aircraft must be optimized in terms of cargo volume and have a smaller volume in the cargo area, the volumetric weight of cargo must also be calculated so that, for example, if the volume of a product was much larger than its weight, the volumetric weight is considered as the main weight.

We have this service for product sorcing from china:

China cargo airlines

The airline was established in 1998 and uses Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 aircraft for international airlines. A total of 11 aircraft are in this airline, 8 of which are Boeing 777 aircraft.

China southern airlines

Another airline in China and at France airports in Guangzhou and established in 1988. The airline is one of China’s three largest airlines with extensive international coverage and has nearly 626 aircraft for cargo and passenger transportation worldwide.

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To ship products from China to France by air freight, you must also pay attention to the type of product and the maximum time of receiving the product at the destination. In this way, you can decide to send your products to France via air freight at a higher cost, or receive them in France, which has more guarantees and less risk.

And opur main service like this :

our services

DDPCH is one of the largest systems in international shipping from China. We offer a variety of air freight services from China to France, where you can use our door-to-door or port-to-port service to send or receive your products. We also offer one-week free shipping in Guangzhou to send products from China. If you have more questions in this regard, you can ask us through the contact link.

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