Bitbod; the border breaker brand

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Some brands find their way through the time. These brands have the essence of immortality. Bitbod is an Iraninan personal brand in the field of cryptocurrencies which broke through the borders and is going to get its way through the time.

Where did this brand start? When did it begin? How was it created at the first place? All will be discussed in this essay.


Where does the idea of Bitbod come from?

Barod Masoumi is the one who created Bitbod. Back in the time, Barbod Masoumi was a son of a rich family who bankrupted while he was just a teenage. Riches may lose but fortunately rich mind will stay.

Barbod Masoumi worked hard to spend his life and earn money needed for college. Meanwhile going to the club was one of his favorite hobbies. Once in the club, he met a group of people discussing bitcoin. At that time Barbod Masoumi had no idea what they were talking about. He couldn’t help his curious mind searching for the chances to grow, though. Therefore, he started investigating bitcoin and crypto currencies world.

At that time there was not many sources in this field especially in Farsi. Although it was hard to find any information about cryptocurrencies, he never gave up. Finally, not giving up led him to what needed. He got to know the Greek-British expert on Bitcoin and the blockchain, Andres Antonopoulos, and his books.

His knowledge was put in a new way. Highly skilled Barbod Masoumi decides to work as a crypto consultant after few years of hard studying and getting experienced in trading. Not much time passed that he though “So what?! What does the whole knowledge mean if you don’t share it with others?”. Barbod Masoumi does believe in collective learning, also giving and receiving. So, he came up with the idea of making telegram channel and Instagram page to teach and learn. That was the time Bitbod created. And that time Barbod Masoumi was just a guy in his mid-23.


Bitbod’s goals and achievements

While many may know him as a Crypto blogger, Bitbod is a great entrepreneur and business manager with significant achievements. He started his work from nothing. By now, he has a company with 100 staffs, all talented and specialists.


At first, Bitbod was only going to share all the information he had learned. But the mission went beyond the beginning idea. Today you’ll see Bitbod, a brand with about 2M genuine followers in the social medias not just from Iran but from all over the worlds. He caused a huge Crypto public awareness. In order to avoid his followers from making mistake, he has accompanied them through the details of getting to cryptocurrencies market and trading and finally getting profits. He was the 1st person who introduced SHIBA and FEG, the cryptocurrencies which made a huge progress during a short time.

Meanwhile he wrote a book about cryptocurrencies to make it easier for crypto lovers know the basis of this world. Moreover, Yahoo Finance interviewed him and referred him as the Crypto Genius, which is not exaggerated.

He took part in many great seminars as orator like Z Generation, Well is the enemy of Great, etc.

While the one-year-old brand made the big different, Bitbod is going to hold a web seminar about cryptocurrencies with Elon Musk (the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX; early-stage investor, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI) in his 25th birthday, March 13.

As seen, Bitbod’s fame is to be universal.


Bitbod community

Bitbod’s popularity made him to think of making his own community. The idea burst out. He has a community in which they speak special words and expressions. For instance, they refer to money and profit by Bod, and to loss by Nod. Also adding Bod and Nod to any verb cause it positive or negative respectively.

Imagine how much a person can be smart, creative and genius to think of such a thing. These features are not just inherited but earned due to many failures, continuous attempts, daily studying and growth, etc.

In Bitbod’s community everyone knows that success won’t come in a day as Barbod Masoumi didn’t become Bitbod in one day. He had passed days after days without any reliable source about crypto market. He had even been blamed because of going for a new market where not many knew. But none of them could stop a man looking for the chance to grow and to make difference.

As a result, making brand is not just a matter of getting public confirmation at first. It is the matter of making it. You need hard work and long way to reach the spot Bitbod is today. The harder you work, the shorter the way would be.


Chances waiting to take

Crypto world is still full of chances for those who seek for the success. Take the chance as Bitbod did. There will be no regret.

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, the upcoming web seminar will help you a lot and make the way easier for you. If not, think of it twice. Cryptocurrency market has expanded so far and is going to continue the way. Maybe you’re not aware of the market possibilities yet. It surely worth to study the market and get well-informed. The acceptance of Crypto is just the matter of time. Sooner or later, you have no choice but to accept it. Why not today?

Bitbod is an amazing and noticable example of success and uniqueness. Whether you want to enter the crypto market or want to start a brand, you can learn from Bitbod. 


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