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TfL private hire vehicle inspection- How to pass TfL vehicle test?

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It is nice to know that the process of licensing your vehicle in TfL is such a vital problem because not all PCO drivers like to hire a PCO automobile. You may choose to purchase an automobile to serve as the PCO car, or you may attempt to utilize your own vehicle. In all circumstances, you need to offer the car's PCO license in order to join a ridesharing platform like Uber. So let us help you in this way!


Subjects that we are going to talk about in this article:

1-In which circumstances is it not necessary for me to have a driver's license for my vehicle?

2- First licensing terms and conditions.

3- How can I reserve a PCO vehicle test?

4- Documents must be brought to the inspection.

5- What will lead me to fail the vehicle licence exam?

6- The inspection test day


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                        1-In which circumstances is it not necessary for me to have a driver's license for my vehicle?

So you're planned to begin working as a PHV operator, and your main tool is the PCO vehicle. There is no need to go through a TfL inspection if you rent a PCO car because the cars are already licensed. But if your choice is buying a car, you should pay attention to two things:

1-If you buy a new car that has just been certified by the manufacturer, you may not need to pass the TfL inspections.

An inspection is not required if you purchase a pre-licensed automobile (a used PCO car or a rented PCO car).

When you license a car, it is good for one year, and you must renew it each year by passing the exam. So, let's look at the license terms and conditions.

2- First licensing terms and conditions

If you decide to take part in PCO vehicle licensing, you must ensure that your vehicle meets the basic standards. These are the minimal requirements:


  1. Euro 6 fuel type.
  2. Ten years or newer model of the vehicle.


It should be noted that if the vehicle is less than 18 months old, it must be completely emission-free. This category includes hybrid, plug-in, and completely electric vehicles. It is worth noting that this restriction only applies to the first license.


3- How can I reserve a PCO vehicle test?

Whether you are seeking a renewal appointment or your first license, you must reserve an inspection before visiting the TfL department. As a result, you must book the inspection in one of the following ways:

  • To set the date call this number 0343 222 5555
  • Check your profile on the official website of TFL.


If you're wondering how much it costs to license a car, we can tell you that it's usually £140 for the first time, and it's paid in advance when you reserve the test.

4- Documents must be brought to the inspection

When you make the reservation, you must be ready for the inspection day by bringing the necessary paperwork. Please ensure that you have all of the following documents to avoid any problems on the exam day:

  1. Existing PHV vehicle licence (for renewals)
  2. V5c DVLA Vehicle Registration Certificate
  3. Hire and reward insurance documents
  4. MOT certificate issued within the last 14 days *
  5. Bill of sale**


*When it comes to the MOT test, ensure the paper is no more than 14 days old. So, when you check the date, reserve the inspection test before the MOT certificate expires 14 days after it is issued.

** The bill of sale must be obtained from the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle.Even if the seller is a private seller, you must create the bill of sale on your own.

On the inspection day, you also sign a form committing not to use it for private hire driving unless the vehicle licence is renewed.

For further information about phv noperator guide click Here


5- What will lead me to fail the vehicle licence exam?

Now comes the most crucial phase of the inspection exam: figuring out how not to fail the test! If you are completely prepared for the test, present all of the essential documents, and avoid the following list, you will undoubtedly pass the test.


Invalid documents

Check that all of the papers you'll need to bring are up to date. You have no chance of passing the test on the same day if a record is missing or invalid. Also, keep in mind the MOT and Bill of Sale guidelines we discussed before.

The vehicle's body

Before the inspection, check the vehicle's body. Multiple drivers failed the test due to dents, cosmetic damage, and major scratches. No matter how big or little the dent is, if it is visible at first glance, you should correct it right away. However, while certain NSL centers may pass you with obvious marks, there is still a chance that you may fail.

Cosmetic defects include things like removed body paint, a damaged bumper, and so forth. If you have scratches, attempt to eliminate them as much as possible with unique stickers or markers.

Damaged (or torn) tapestry

Holes and raptures in seat coverings, ceiling covers, rugs, and so on can also cause failure. If there is any tapestry damage, please make sure to repair it ahead of time.

Other things

Any other possible damage in or on the vehicle may lead to a failure. All you have to do is look at the automobile through the eyes of a buyer! When you want to purchase anything, you know you analyze every aspect. Fortunately, if it passes your test, it will also pass inspection.

Finally, dashcams must be acknowledged by TfL; otherwise, you will not be permitted. It is safe to remove the dashcam before the inspection and reinstall it after licensing.

6- The inspection test day

Being on time is very important! On the day of the inspection, attempt to be at the center 10 minutes earlier than usual, because if you are late, the test may be considered a failure. The entire test will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and an inspector will come to drive your automobile into the test garage and return it with passed or failed documents.

If you fail the test, you will have a free retest within 21 days, which must be reserved. The rebooking might take place at the same or a different location.

There are a total of six NSL centers in London that you may choose from based on their closeness to your location.

  1. Canning Town
  2. Heston
  3. Enfield
  4. Coulsdon
  5. Crayford
  6. Staples Corner


However, based on what drivers have stated, Crayford appears to be the best NSL center. However, you can choose to go and pick any center you want.

Although you may skip all of these steps by hiring Uber-ready PCO vehicles that are already licensed, we hope you have the best experience, pass the exam, and become an unique PCO driver as soon as possible.



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