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Due to the great expansion of social networks, especially Instagram, you can use these spaces to advertise and earn money. To earn money, you need to be seen in these networks and be liked by others and have a lot of followers (followers) to Be in the public eye; An Instagram panel or smm panel can help you with this.



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Telegram 🔥

Free view [1k]

Real member : $0.2 per k

Fake members $0.27 per k

Telegram vote : $0.51 per k

bot start : $0.51 per k

Post view [200k] : $0.005


Instagram 🔥

Followers : $0.41 per k

Like : $0.056 per k

View : $0.005 per k


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Twitter,Facebook,TikTok,YouTube and ... in Panel.


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Instagram :

Due to the spread of Instagram among users and the activities of different people in this space in different ages, occupations and cultures; This platform can be used to carry out your business activities.


You need to advertise to introduce any business you have; So that people get acquainted with your work and services and then buy or use your services. If you are just starting out or planning to start a business, you need to know that without proper and effective advertising you will not see any positive results.


Now, due to the expansion of social networks, and especially the widespread activity of people on Instagram, you can place ads of your work in this space, so that it can be seen by people. Now the question is whether using any advertising method can get the right feedback from people in these spaces or not?


We are here to introduce you to the Instagram panel and tell you what techniques and methods you need to advertise in this space so that you can share your competitors on Instagram who definitely have plans to advertise in this space; Get ahead.






Why advertise on Instagram? :

Perhaps this is the first thing that comes to mind;


Why should I advertise on Instagram? Why not do it in other spaces? What is the necessity in Instagram advertising?


As you know, advertising is an important part of any business. As long as you offer good quality products; But do not choose the right way to introduce yourself to people, you will definitely not get good results.


There is a famous saying in business that says, "Wherever there are people, there is a place for business."

In the past, when there was no cyberspace, businesses spread their products in the middle of the market to be seen by people; This has been common from the past to the present (in the eyes of the people) and is a principle for better sales of products. It is better for you to use the experiences of others for your business to achieve the desired result in your work without wasting time.


Given that people now spend most of their time in cyberspace; You also have to present your products in this space. Instagram has been able to attract more people due to the attractiveness it has been able to create for its users, which is one of these attractivenesses; It has been personalization and access to the personal lives of others. This has enabled it to have its own special users around the world.


Most businesses are now moving towards digital marketing, and activity in this area has become very positive. So the space is ready to advertise or introduce your services and it is enough for you to be able to use this space to your advantage. Those who want to start their activity in this field should know some tricks and teachings in this regard.


View or Like? (Views or Favorites):

At the beginning of Instagram, View was a video or photo that determined its ranking. This means that the more people who viewed the video or photo, the more Instagram recognized it as popular, and the more the photo or video was viewed, the more people saw it, and so on. It was going higher and higher.


But now Vivo is no longer just an important post; In addition to the views of a post, the number of likes should also increase, so that this post can be ranked high and not be removed from the public section of Instagram or transferred to the bottom of this page. So now what is important is not only that your post should be attractive for users to see it; It must be their favorite to be successful in this field.


So, Instagram is not just about seeing users now, and it wants your posts to be designed in such a way that in addition to being seen, it also causes people to click, and now, in addition to likes, consider that people also leave their comments for your post, and this Makes Instagram recognize that your followers are real people and your post has received the most feedback from users, so it can rank it as a credible and popular post.


As you can see, people who make videos now insist on liking and commenting on their videos and supporting them that way. And this is exactly the performance that Instagram expects from its users.







Instagram tricks:

Given that placing an ad without any other work, in cyberspace, will be without positive feedback. We want to teach you; How to put your ad in the top rank and in the most views and likes without doing any hard work and as a result you can get the most feedback.


Your ad on Instagram page if it is in the form of video or photo; It should be able to persuade people to click on it and enter your page and increase the page view and likes of your posts. Instagram panel can help you in all these areas and increase the likes, views and followers of your page. The Instagram panel or the social network panel of the Insta counter is completely free, and you can register your orders for each of the mentioned services by logging in to the Instagram panel, and the cost will be calculated according to the amount and number of your requests.


The question may be, where do all these followers, likes and views come from? There are people who specialize in this field who have been able to create many user accounts on social networks and manage them accurately; These people have spent a lot of time doing this and you can connect with these people through the Instagram panel and they will do your orders.




To increase the ranking of your page, visit the Instagram panel of the Insta counter 

To increase the ranking of your page, visit the Instagram panel of the Insta counter



Sources of likes and followers in the Instagram panel:

1. Robot Farms:


An old way to attract followers and increase the number of likes of your posts is to use the robot farm service, in this method, intelligent robots that are connected to a large number of user accounts and have a large number of country-specific IPs; They can do this automatically. But these robots need special knowledge in the field of programming and networking, which must be solved and updated on a daily basis; So that they can continue to operate according to new and up-to-date social networking algorithms.


These accounts are not known as robots in Insta. It takes a lot of energy and time to build a robot farm. And the people who make these robots are in touch with you through the Instagram panel, and these people cannot be met or recognized directly. User accounts created by these farm robots; They are not unnatural, and the people who create these accounts take a profile picture as well as a natural bio for it so that they do not look like an abnormal robot and the quality of their work is higher; This is what makes you connect with these people who have a robot farm when you use the Instagram panel and order followers from them; Instagram will identify your followers completely real and your page rank will be at the highest.


In Iran, one of the methods used to create robot farms; It's a follower app, which is quite real. In these applications, you must collect coins so that you can order your likes or followers. To collect these coins, you must like posts. With this method, you can set up a network to get real likes and followers, you can like and get likes. Of course, now Instagram has created restrictions for this method.


۲. Actual signals:


This method uses different ways and methods to persuade people to follow your page or like a post or comment; Using the rewards and privileges it provides to individuals. In this case, you can have completely real followers and likes.


People using the Instagram follower panel; Money ads buy social media and by tweaking it a bit and optimizing it so that it persuades people to like and follow it; blogLinks to an external site. give it to the Instagram follower panel and the Instagram panel provides these ads to the users. And these are the methods and advertisements that can increase the likes and followers of your page.


This method can give you completely real followers and likes; But the drop in this method is very fast and you have to update and make the content you put on your page attractive and to prevent the drop of your followers.


3. Unreal signals:


It has happened to all of us that we want to download something, but by pressing the download button, we enter other pages that are not related to our download at all; Or put us in a circle and force us to say the word download on every page we enter, and this time to achieve the actual download, and after opening a few pages, we can finally get what we want. Download.


Of course, this method gives people a negative feeling; It is not very useful and will very soon lower the rank and rank of your site or page, because people will leave your site or page on the first page that they do not download and will no longer trust it. Of course, it should be noted that the Instagram panel of the Insta counter does not provide this service and this method is not common.








What is the best source? :

According to the explanations given for each of the sources, it can be concluded that most of the likes, followers and videos that are used for Instagram are through robot farms. Because in this way, you will benefit from fully controlled services and managed user accounts that are of high quality.


But this does not mean that other services are not useful; You can get acquainted with other services by registering in the Instagram panel and choose the best and most economical service.


Social network panel:

Given that cyber advertising is not limited to Instagram; You need to consider other spaces for advertising your work and know that producing content that you use to advertise or follow followers or views on Instagram; Telegram can not get you good feedback from its users; Because in every cyberspace, we have our own special audience and you have to create your own content for each space and use the way we advertise that space so that we can receive good feedback and a positive result.


In this way, the social media panel can help us. for example; To advertise or increase the number of members of your channel in Telegram, you can enter the Telegram panel and by registering in it, you can help increase the members of your channel or group. In the Telegram panel , with the mentioned methods, you can have real people in your channel. And then with the rise of channel members, you can put ads in it and use it for money purposes.


So if you are looking to work in cyberspace and digital marketing, it is better to use the services of social network panel, so that you can have productive and better activities.


You can also easily start your own business by taking the social media representation panel

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